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Chair of Strategic Management and Organization

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The solution of practice relevant topics plays an important role at the chair of strategic management and organization. Generally, the chair is an available respondent for project partnerships and develops a versatile transfer program and scientific solutions regarding current topics of entrepreneurial experience. Therefore, the chair is an appealing partner for corporations from different industries.

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The chair of strategic management and organization offers various collaboration possibilities between scientific and practical research. Potential research collaborations may be carried out on different levels – from a preparation of a bachelor or master thesis to precise recommendations regarding scientific or consultation projects or partnerships in third-party funded projects, the chair shows great interest in collaborating with companies and federal institutions.

Practical transfer within the teaching program

The chair endeavors a strong involvement of practical events into the teaching program. Representatives from various industries are invited on a continuous basis to refer about relevant topics in the courses offered by the chair. At the same time, the chair tries to obtain referents from leading organizations for events and workshops. This close relationship creates a win-win situation for students and corporations, as they may get in contact with different organizations during their studies and the organizations have an early access to fresh talents.

Practical transfer within third-party funded projects

The realization of research projects with means of third-party funded projects is another and intensively used possibility to collaborate between science and practice. Here, the research assistants are employed to work on relevant practical topics. From this collaboration arise a lot of advantages for both chair and third-party organization. The organization benefits from the latest scientific methods and research insight. The chair uses the collaboration to publish scientific papers and to sense recent trends and problems outside the university.

Practical transfer within a continuous dialogue and data acquisition

The initiation of a continuous dialogue between science and organizations is another field of aspired collaboration. This bilateral stream of information may lead to a new awareness regarding practical relevancies within the research activities of the chair and towards new scientific perceptions for the collaborating organization. Also, the chair hopes for acquiring data within the firm, which helps gaining further innovative insights into business through the fundamental research activities of the chair.

Practical transfer within consultation projects

The chair of strategic management and organization also strives for the practical transfer of knowledge within specific consultation projects. Here, the chairs’ personnel pursuit the deliverance of answers for questions regarding business organizations within a specified amount of time. Of practical relevance is the professional consultancy under the use of the latest scientific methods.

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