Research and third-party funded projects


Research topics at the chair of strategic management and organization have a primary focus on the exploration of innovation, diversity and alliance management as well as the investigation of different processes regarding organizational knowledge transfer and learning methods. Here, strategic and organizational questions shall be answered on a basis like how alliance partners should be arranged in the supply chain and which organizational transfers (teams, e.g.) can be implemented.

These studies are based on an empirical methodology – usually through large enquiries of questionnaires which are evaluated by multivariate principles, but also through qualitative case studies. The chair simultaneously aims at institutionalizing a distinctive international research capability, which can be ensured through cooperation with various internationally operating companies. The chair generally deals with companies from a diverse pool of industries, from the high tech to healthcare business.

The analysis is oriented regarding fundamental and applied research. Public institutions and trusts generously sponsor fundamental research. Applied research usually is sponsored by corporations and federal ministries. The chair strives for a strong bound between research and academic teachings which is ensured through a contribution of research assistants and students within the projects. Also, bachelor and master theses are assigned to support the research of current projects.

The fundamental research approach of the chair is reflected through a variety of publications published in internationally recognized journals and the multitude of attendances at conferences. The chair looks back at a plurality of successfully finalized third-party projects.

The chair of strategic management and organization generally is open-minded towards suggestions from both public institutions as well as business enterprises regarding the conduct of cooperative research projects at any time.

A variety of important projects – for which new partners are searched for at any time – can be found on this homepage.


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