The teaching conception at the chair of Strategic Management and Organization provides a strong integration of practice relevant examples and corporate lectures into their mediation of academic theory. The wide academic teaching range is extended through a focus on empirical studies during the scientific seminars.

The teaching range in the field of Organization primarily focuses on the theoretical foundation of organizational configuration and the changing process of organizations. Here, the constitution of knowledge and organizational learning is of paramount importance. Another attention is laid upon the integration of recent challenges for both profit and non-profit organizations and possible concepts of solution. Courses offered in the field of Innovation meet the concerns of the increasing demands of an integration of innovation management into management studies. At this point, different instruments for implementing efficient innovation management (Technology Management, facilitation of creativity, Innovation Management, Teamwork) will be presented and analyzed. The classes on Strategic Management offer a widespread insight in terms by introducing different contents and platforms of corporate strategies (business segment strategies, diversification strategies, strategies on corporate growth). Students will be given the opportunity to increase their knowledge on choosing the required strategy to perform in accordance with the companies’ goals. The design and development of Alliance Management is an important issue in the recent development of commerce. The teaching range offers classes on types, configuration, and supervision of alliances.

The chair of Strategic Management and Organization also provides additional facultative activities called “Mikromodule” (micro modules). Nevertheless will the focal point of the chair be located on a methodological level. You will find a detailed overview on the different classes and micro modules offered at Bachelor- and Master Level on the following pages.

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